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Should I cancel or keep my February LSAT score? Thank you!!!

LSATisTheWorst-1LSATisTheWorst-1 Alum Member
in General 24 karma

Hi! I am looking for advice on whether I should cancel or keep my February LSAT score. This was the second time I took the LSAT and I received a 169 which was unfortunately lower than my first score (November) of 170. Despite additional studying, I just found this test a lot harder (thanks to the LG). I have score preview and need to decide whether to cancel the 169 or keep it. On one hand my instinct is to cancel since it's lower than my first score, but I have also read that it can be a mistake to cancel anything in/above the 160s (since it may be assumed you did particularly bad)? I may be taking the LSAT a third time (targeting 172), depending on my summer plans. I would appreciate any/all insights. Thank you!

Quick poll on cancelling (thanks yall!)
  1. Would you cancel the February score?37 votes
    1. Yes, cancel!
    2. No, just keep it!


  • Feiii_0517-1Feiii_0517-1 Alum Member
    34 karma

    Personally I’d keep it just cuz 1 point is by no means a huge difference. If you cancel the score, you might risk having the admissions people wondering if you did a lot worse than a 170, which isn’t the case at all! Either way congrats that’s still an awesome score

  • annie996annie996 Monthly + Live Member
    6 karma

    Don't cancel it lol. It's one point. If you cancel, admissions has no reason to believe you didn't have a bad day and score in the 150s during the second try

  • SmokyMountainBear-1-1SmokyMountainBear-1-1 Monthly Member
    63 karma

    Congrats! If I had 169, I would be completely content to use it to apply for some decent schools. A difference of 1 point can really reflect a lot harder test?

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