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best way to use prep tests?

xnortherndownpour-1-1-1xnortherndownpour-1-1-1 Monthly Member
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Should I be taking the test, doing BR same day, and then go from there to see what I need to improve on? Or is it better to do BR after a few days? Trying to study for the June test and don't really know the best approach. Any advice is appreciated!


  • elias.christensenelias.christensen Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
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    This depends on you, really! Since you don't see your score till after completing BR, generally most people want to BR as soon as they can after a PT, but you certainly don't need to finish BR the same day as the test. I tend to tell my clients to start on BR the same day they PT, but the day after is usually when most people finish, and some people do BR over the course of a few days or occasionally adjust how much of a given test they BR. If you need more tips as you settle into studying, you can schedule a free consultation with one of our tutors here to get some personalized advice. Best of luck with the June LSAT!

  • decesares1decesares1 Monthly Member
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    I mix it up. Typically, I take the prep test and then immediately follow up with the BR. This, for me, is usually the most beneficial. But sometimes, I take the prep test and don't BR until the next day. And rarely, if it is a very old prep test, I don't BR at all. (I know that's not the "right way" of doing it, but when I haven't studied in a while, I like to knock the rust off with a timed prep test and that's my only real objective of taking it.)

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