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who can help to explain the "pin" function in drills?

SmokyMountainBear-1-1SmokyMountainBear-1-1 Monthly Member
in General 63 karma

After completing a drill, I review the results and see "pin" on the first column. What's the purpose of this feature? How to best use it? Will very much appreciate your response.


  • Cherry - Student ServiceCherry - Student Service Member Administrator Student Services
    1019 karma

    Hi there,

    You can use the “pin” feature to pin questions which you will like to revisit later.

    You can then view all your pinned questions on the Analytics page. To view your pinned questions, first tap on the Question Table at the top of the Analytics page, then tap on the “pin” icon. See the screenshot below:


    However, if you pinned Logical Reasoning questions it will show up in the Question Bank with a "pin" icon next to it.

    Unfortunately, the pin feature is not available for Logic Games and Reading Comprehension problem sets. This is because Logic Games and Reading Comprehension problem sets are done on a per-game/passage basis. Pinned questions only show up for Logical Reasoning, because Logical Reasoning is done on a per-question basis.

    To view the Logical Reasoning pinned questions in the Question Bank, tap on the "pin" icon in the question table. See the screenshot below:


    You can also filter to your pinned questions in the Question Bank by selecting the Logical Reasoning section and then typing "+pin" in the filter box. See the screenshot below:


    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

  • SmokyMountainBear-1-1SmokyMountainBear-1-1 Monthly Member
    63 karma

    As always, very much appreciate your timely response! Thanks, Cherry!

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