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Should I keep studying?

kimste17kimste17 Monthly + Live Member
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Lately I've been in a slump where my score has been stuck in the same range as my previous test (164), but I've been trying and failing to break into the 170s. I've been stuck in this range since I first started studying last summer - I was studying pretty on and off during the fall since I was still in college, and began studying full time in January to prepare for the April administration. However, since my score isn't changing at all even though I've been spending at least 5 hours every day studying, I've started to become discouraged and I'm feeling rushed because I gave myself a head start by graduating early so I could get the LSAT out of the way before I started looking for a job, but since I'm not seeing much progress, I'm beginning to feel unsure about continuing to take time off to study.

If I should keep going, any advice for getting out of this slump? Any suggestions (besides tutoring, which is out of the question for financial reasons) would be greatly appreciated!


  • valentina.soares-1valentina.soares-1 Alum Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
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    Hey @kimste ,

    I understand that being stuck in a score plateau is frustrating! One thing that can help with any kind of slump is working with other people. It can be refreshing to collaborate when working through concepts and questions and sharing thought processes and strategies with other people and hearing theirs can help you think about things from new perspectives. I know finding a study group or partner isn't always easy, but we do have an event coming up next week that can actually help with that!

    Our next "Study Group Breakout" is on Tuesday, April 4th from 9:00-10:30pm ET.

    Here's how it works:

    Register for the Breakout no later than Monday, April 3rd.

    Take PT55 Section 1 (based on 7Sage's numbering - should be an LR section) and Blind Review it, but DON'T look at the answers. I suggest you take it as a "Drill" rather than as a PrepTest! You can do this by going to the "Practice" tab and choosing "Drills," then selecting "Newer" PTs, selecting "Logical Reasoning," and scrolling to PT55 S1 (NOT S3, the other LR section for PT55). You will have to individually add each question to your drill, but hit "Create drill with 26 questions" at the bottom right when finished, and voila!

    Log in to the Breakout Session at the appointed time. We will automatically place you in a group of 3-5 students with similar scores so you can review the section together.

    At the end of the session, you can exchange emails and keep meeting if you enjoyed the group.

    Hope to see you there! Register for the event using this link:


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