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Could be true questions

James DeanJames Dean Free Trial Member
edited May 2013 in Logic Games 297 karma
On could be true questions, I can't find the exact question, but I remember it having an answer choice that provided a Must be true answer, and one that provided a could be true answer.

The must be true was incorrect, the could be true was correct.

However, other could be true questions I've experienced had a correct answer that was Must be true.

Would someone please help me on this?

The only way for me to make sense of it is to assume that when both a must be true and also a could be true answer are provided, select the could be true. In cases where there is only a must be true, select it.

I'm confused because I've read that could be true covers 1-100% which would include must be true answers, yet it was incorrect provided that a less certain answer choice was present.


  • J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
    14094 karma
    Hey James, MBT --> CBT

    So, if a question demands a CBT, any MBT answer choice will suffice.

    Can you look up which question this was? I'm not sure that the LSAT would leave a glaring error like that in one of its official prep tests.
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