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What should be the "freebies" in the LR section for 170+ scorers?

JSJS Free Trial Member
edited June 2013 in Logical Reasoning 184 karma
I remember the Inference, sufficient assumption question should be the freebies for 170.


  • JRRLDG808JRRLDG808 Alum Member
    49 karma
    And definitely those main point questions.
  • James DeanJames Dean Free Trial Member
    edited July 2013 297 karma
    Even if there were a complete and definitive answer to this question, which there is not, I’m not sure how one would benefit from such a list.

    “Freebies” are easy questions, and that is subjective to the individual test taker. So, any question type can potentially be a freebie.
    Focus on your weaknesses but do not neglected your supposed strengths. Eventually you’ll see a question of each given type as a freebie.

    It’s important not to bias yourself to the supposed strength or weakness of a question type. If you believe a question type is hard or easy, you will approach them differently. Approach each question with a critical eye.

    The following advice has been given by a student from,

    In terms of your attitude, you need balance when approaching the LSAT. You won't do well if you're intimidated by the test, a section type, or question type. At the same time, you won't do well if you start to get cocky and think that the test, a section type, or question type are easy. Each and every question needs to be treated as a bomb squad member would treat a live explosive. Whether it's a hand grenade (LR question #1) or a nuclear bomb (LR question #19 parallel reasoning), they can both blow up and kill you if you're not careful. I found that I would miss questions if I fell into either extreme. Through practice you should be able to get yourself into the correct mindset.

  • JSJS Free Trial Member
    184 karma
    James, Thank you a lot for your advice, especially for the TLS one. Helps a lot. Mindset is the most important thing when we approach the question.
  • paulfan2011paulfan2011 Free Trial Member
    125 karma
    Great advice James. Confidence on the LSAT is such an underrated factor. And getting cocky is just LSAT suicide.
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