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Applying for accommodations for February

sweezyseasonsweezyseason Member
edited December 2016 in General 262 karma
Hi guys

So I am reluctantly applying for accommodations for February. Three years ago I began exhibiting symptoms of OCD and I've been receiving treatment for it ever since. I took the December exam, but didn't apply mostly because I was really anxious about it, and also because after reading up on the accommodations online I realy didn't think that I would get approved. I am registered with my university's program for accommodations, but I haven't had to use them. This is mostly because my condition was diagnosed only a year ago and I've taken very few classes since then. I have been approved for extra time if needed by the university, but I just didn't feel like I needed it in the past. Well that changed in December. During the break I had a minor anxiety attack. I felt like I couldn't read when I opened up the first, and my OCD was off the charts. I think it's just because I've never taken an exam that has been this stressful. The LSAT triggers anxiety for most people, and having an actual anxiety disorder made this experience horrible. I want to see if I can get approved for February so I have a fair shot at actually finishing the exam without losing control of my mind. Basically wondering if anyone with a similar condition was approved and, if so, any recommendations for documents I should send in with my request. Just filling out the form right now and I'm hopeful I'll get approved without an extensive history of accommodations.

Thanks guys :)

Also for everyone recovering from December, how are you picking back up and studying for Feb? I took a week off (not really I had to submit my final thesis for my undergrad), and now I'm going to start with some LR questions to warm up. Maybe I'll do a PT in a week or so to see where I'm at.


  • rakinalikhanrakinalikhan Alum Member
    329 karma
    im sure youll get approved, as long as you show proof. my school doc has been seeing me for 2 years and i have accommodations from the school too. i bombed on the games section so i have to do the test again. im studying again from the beginning of the games and try to do 2-3 practice tests a week
  • sweezyseasonsweezyseason Member
    262 karma
    @rakinalikhan thanks! thats great to hear. I'm going to send it all in this week
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