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Should I accept LSAC offer of Feb retake?

chgunnschgunns Alum Member
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Assuming I was perfect through the first 3 LG's, I believe I have a great shot at my "This makes me happy" result. In fact, I felt so good about the other sections that even a single correct guess on Game 4 would give me a decent shot at my reach goal.

My only fear is that I am overconfident on my performance. I generally have a strong read on LR and RC, and the consensus seems to be that those were 3* sections or below. It sometimes happens on LG, but the first two games seemed easy. I literally do not even remember what they were about, which is normally a good sign. The second one was trickier, but I believe a double sequencing set-up and (late) recognition of the key inference lead to solid results there.

I am currently working full time and would not want the stress of another month of work then library til midnight, study all weekend. However, I need to come within 2 points of my goal to get the financial offer that makes it much easier to go back full time. For reference, I was averaging one point higher than my goal over the last five simulated tests, all of which were from the 70's series.

I'd appreciate perspectives of others as I mull it over.


  • stgl1230stgl1230 Member
    821 karma
    I would take it. I think that most people score better the second time around, and even if you reach your target from the December take, it really can't hurt to have a higher score. You'll be more confident, and sometimes a higher score by something as small as even 2 points can mean a big difference in scholarship money.

    As for studying, I think you can potentially study a bit less hard-core leading up to February. Others might have a different opinion here, but I would take a couple of weeks off, and then just do like one PT a week or something, making sure that you BR really thoroughly. If you have a strong grasp of the core curriculum and are already familiar with the PT process, taking just one a week to stay current might be helpful. I think that with the LSAT there is always a risk of overstudying, and it sounds like you are busy enough as it is.
  • stgl1230stgl1230 Member
    821 karma
    I forgot to add, if you're applying this cycle, obviously make sure that the schools you are applying to will accept your February score. If you submit your applications with your December score, I'd check and make sure that they will take an additional score into consideration once it comes in.
  • chgunnschgunns Alum Member
    92 karma
    @stgl1230 I appreciate it, but I have used two other takes. I rushed through Dec-Feb last year without any prep. Basically didn't know what I was getting into.

    Considering two schools, and I'm sitting on an admission and very small offer from one, and admission with no offer from the other. So the choice is trade a December test where I felt very confident about 3 of 4 sections I generally judge well, and 3 of 4 subsections I sometimes misjudge for the February Mystery Box.

    It could be anything! It could even be a boat!
  • desire2learndesire2learn Member
    1171 karma
    I would keep but none of this is useful advice in terms of "predicting" an outcome. All is unknown. Pray about it.
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