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Looking for March 2019 Study Buddy

chisal17chisal17 Alum Member
in General 289 karma

I'm looking for a March 2019 exam study buddy. I'm scoring in the 160s, but am aiming for the 170s. I'm looking for someone in a similar boat, but I'm down for tutoring the right person (this would also be something that would help me study).

If you're in Chicago, and are interested in meeting in person, then that would work out pretty well and we could meet up to study/review/PT. Otherwise, I'm down to Skype. I prefer early mornings and evenings.

I'm looking for someone motivated and committed to having a regular study schedule. We can figure out our study logistics and game plan over discussion. I'm hoping to PT and do some blind review, but am pretty flexible in what we choose to do.


  • aleland13aleland13 Alum Member
    158 karma

    I’m down! I’m in California so we’d have to do Skype. I got my highest PT to a 169 with self studying with the LSAT trainer - I’m almost done with the CC and will be taking another PT to gauge if I’ve improved in the next week or so. I’m working to get into the 170+ range for the March test, and I want to get some BR done on PTs before then as well.

  • lsatyayylsatyayy Alum Member
    178 karma

    Hey I'm down too. I'm in late 160s as well. I'm in a different country though but depending on your chosen time to skype, I'm pretty sure I could join without a problem. I want to stick with a strict schedule doing perhaps 3 PTs a week. 1.5 PT per day (6 sections).

    If we could set up the times--at least 4 days (two for PTs and the other two for review) per a week, that'd be great.

  • Legally_SpeakingLegally_Speaking Alum Member
    553 karma

    @chisal17 I’m definitely down to join this group if possible. What day(s) and time(s) work best?

  • AndriiOnyskoAndriiOnysko Alum Member
    62 karma

    I am interested in joining.

  • chisal17chisal17 Alum Member
    289 karma

    @aleland13 @lsatyayy @forest.dearing.2017 @AndriiOnysko

    I sent you all DMs! Looking forward to working something out :)

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