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Got 162 on the LSAT- how can I improve my score?

3-eyed-raven3-eyed-raven Alum Member
in General 12 karma

Hi all!

I got my June LSAT score back and it's a 162 (got -8 on RC, -4 on LR part 1, -5 on LR part 2, and -4 on LG). My scores on PTs range between 160 and 166 so I was not surprised about getting this score. I plan to retake in July (just cause why not since they will give me the chance to cancel after getting the score) and September. Is it realistic to have a goal of getting 165 by July and 170 by September?

Given my score on each section, do you think it is possible to get a high 160s or 170 in September? How much should I be studying? Any other tips are appreciated.


  • jasminesadejasminesade Alum Member
    249 karma

    Also would like to know this!

  • Jane_lsatJane_lsat Free Trial Member
    152 karma

    @3-eyed-raven shouldn't the score be 163? I got exactly the same number of questions wrong as you did in each section (got -8 on RC, -4 on LR part 1, -5 on LR part 2, and -4 on LG). My diagnostic score was 164, so I am a bit disappointed.

  • MIT_2017MIT_2017 Alum Member
    470 karma

    I certainly think it is feasible for you to make a large improvement to your score by September. But it's difficult to say by how much, or how much you need to be studying without knowing how long/often you'be been studying (not that it's necessarily easy even with that information...).

    Keep practicing RC. It's hardest to pinpoint specific weaknesses in that section. I didn't have any particular strategy for the RC section but I kept at it and was fortunate enough to get a -1 on the RC section this past June. For LR/LG, you should look into your June LSAT and recent PTs to see if there is a particular type of game/LR type that gives you issue.

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