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How do you eliminate answer choices on the digital test

billymadisonbillymadison Alum Member
in General 40 karma

I'm used to taking lsats on paper where I can cross out wrong answer choices. Does the digital test allow you to mark up the test? For LG, i've been writing out a,b,c,d,e on a piece of scrap paper, but I feel like writing these letters out is time consuming. Any tips for taking the digital lsat? How different is the digital test is from the original test?


  • JerseyLife49JerseyLife49 Alum Member
    95 karma

    hello! On the digital test you can just click on an answer choice letter (B for example) and it will grey out the whole answer choice so it is not fully visible.

  • JerseyLife49JerseyLife49 Alum Member
    95 karma

    Other than my above advice, I have not yet taken the digital test so that is all the advice I can give. Sorry!

  • bigjoecbigjoec Alum Member
    56 karma

    You should definitely take the three digital PTs that LSAC has made available. Presumably, the controls mimic the ones used in the actual test, but I haven't taken an actual to confirm.

    I just noticed that PowerScore is selling digital versions of every PT for $12 a pop, but I haven't tried one yet so I don't know if their interface matches LSAC's. They have the June 2007 up for free.

    For mimicking exam conditions, I'm using a touch screen device, and have worked out how I'll position the screen relative to my scratch paper (screen up and to the right of the scratch paper; pen in my left hand, tapping/scrolling with my right hand).

    I read that the exam scratch paper comes in a bound booklet, so I've been doing all my LG training in that format. I bought a ream of 8-1/2" x 17" paper, and kludged up booklets by taking a stack of 4 sheets, folding it in half and putting two staples* in along the fold. So from each stack I get a booklet with 16 pages of 8-1/2" x 11" size paper. I made up a big pile of em, and a nice side effect is that it keeps my PTs and LG attempts kind of organized.

    I've determined my best approach for LG scratch work is to flip to an interior page of my scratch booklet, so I have a full two-page spread for each problem. It means I never have to flip between pages, even on questions where I've been very inefficient on my use of space. I start my work on the right-hand page, since that's closest to where I keep my screen, and only use the left-hand page if need extra space.

    And I do all my scratch work with a pen, because I've heard that they give you a pen-stylus and you're not allowed to use pencils (but I'm not sure the latter part is true). I only use crappy pens, and I switch them up, because I have no idea what the LSAC-provided one is going to be like.

    *The stapling doesn't work well, because of the physical constraints involved. I got so far as looking up special long-arm staplers on Amazon before I realized I was being overly obsessive and decided that slightly janky stapling on my homemade scratch paper booklets was just fine.

  • billymadisonbillymadison Alum Member
    40 karma

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I took the test yesterday. They showed us a tutorial before the test which shows how to use the tablet. Pretty straightforward and easy to use.

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