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Withdraw or not?

KLAMTS01KLAMTS01 Alum Member
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It's been a long journey for me starting from last december when I decided to study for the LSAT. Background on me (hopefully not coming off as whiny), I'm a first-gen post-grad and and am the only person in my family that has ever even attempted to go to law school. Currently, I've been struggling to get a job (to work the year before school) while also trying to finish my LSAT asap before I start working. So I've been on the post-grad-job search-life and the study-for-the-LSAT life for about 5 months and it's been rough. I've tried to educate myself as much as possible in this process on my own and I know how important the LSAT is to get into the schools I want/for scholarships. Due to mental health issues and working all through undergrad, I have a lower GPA than what I feel is comfortable for applying to schools (but also have a double major and a minor so? but that's besides the point....) so I need to be a splitter.

I worked through senior year to get ready for the June test right after graduation. I took it and completely bombed.

Then I got 7Sage in July and it's been a Godsend but I've only just finished the curriculum and haven't had ample time to practice. But I still registered for the Oct LSAT thinking I would be ready. I stopped taking preptests bc I didn't want to waste them and I wanted to make sure I fully let go of the old habits I had before 7Sage. But now that it's like a week before the LSAT, I am seriously considering withdrawing bc my first preptest after finishing the curriculum isn't even close to what I want.

I was thinking to still take the test bc it took so much for me to purchase it that it hurts to let it go but I know I can do better than what I would do if I take it. I definitely know that if I take it, I would be going for a third LSAT anyway so shouldn't I just withdraw? A great scholarship to my dream law school is worth much more than $200 right? Or would a third LSAT not hurt?


  • lexxx745lexxx745 Alum Member Sage
    3190 karma

    It really feels like you're in a tough situation and I sympathize with you. I think all your hesitation kind of answers your own question. Withdraw. I know 200 dollars is a lot, but miniscule compared to your admission chances and scholarship opportunities if you didnt take a third one and got a bad score. Study hard, commit to the LSAT, take a ton of PTS and get the score you want.

  • Trust the ProcessTrust the Process Alum Member
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    I would withdraw if I was in your position. Assuming that you do not HAVE to start school fall of 2020 I would recommend that you keep studying until your scores are more reflective of your ideal score and then consider sitting for the actual thing.

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