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Finding newer PTs harder than older ones?

kicurtiskicurtis Alum Member
in General 71 karma
I don't know if anyone else has had this happen to them but the LSAT is two months away and I've been taking PTs for about 2-3 months now. I was working through the 40s and low 50s PTs and wanted to start moving into more recent ones so I'll have experience with those. I was scoring consistently in the high 160s and now on my last two PTs (PT 64 and 67) I scored a 159 and a 162. I'm baffled. I don't understand why all of the sudden I'm having so much trouble and it's really hurt my confidence. Has anyone else experienced this?


  • basedvulpesbasedvulpes Member
    20 karma
    I believe this is fairly common. There are subtle differences between older tests and new tests, so it takes a little while to become adjusted to the new material. As long as you keep practicing with it, and learning what to expect from it, you should be just fine with the newer tests. If you're taking in June you should try to only study with more recent material, if you can.
  • kicurtiskicurtis Alum Member
    71 karma
    Yeah that's why I switched because I wanted it to be as realistic as possible. Thank you for the response---it's good to hear I'm not crazy I swear I thought something in my brain broke lol. I'll definitely be focusing only on new material until the test. If anyone has any more tips they would be greatly appreciated!
  • PetrichorPetrichor Alum Member
    359 karma
    I've found the same thing, saw a 7-8 point drop when I first started doing PTs in the 50s, but bounced back after 2-3 PTs. I have an 11 point spread between my best and worst PTs which are both in the 50s. The LGs have gotten vastly easier in my opinion, while the RC and LR sections have gotten harder. I think the newer RCs tend to have more trick answer choices, so I worked on my process of elimination skills to help with that. LRs are a mixed bag, the easier problems got much easier but the harder problems have more trick answer choices (subtle degrees of support for strengthening/weakening/MSS questions) and many of the other types changed quite a bit in stem wording.
  • nicole.hopkinsnicole.hopkins Legacy Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    7965 karma
    @kicurtis in which sections did you experience more (or less) of a drop?
  • emli1000emli1000 Alum Member Inactive ⭐
    3462 karma
    I've heard this from a lot of others... But just remind yourself that you know all of this. It's the same on every PT. You will notice a drop in your score but after a few you will adjust to these newer PTs and be back to your regular score or higher.
  • kicurtiskicurtis Alum Member
    71 karma
    Thanks for all the comments guys, @nicole.hopkins, I saw a drop in the games on one PT and then did well on the RC and then on the next test did better on the games and got like -8 on the RC. Before these newer PTs I was scoring in the high 160's (167 a lot) and about -3/4 per section. So it's frustrating to be having trouble all around now. But I'm doing lots of blind review and fool-proofing games!
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