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Mindset pushing test date back

sheridjwsheridjw Alum Member
in General 936 karma

Hi all I have a question for those who have had to push their test date back. I started the curriculum at the end of February after trying to study on my own for two months and not getting anywhere. I recently finished the curriculum and am in the process of foolproofing before I begin the pt phase. I was hoping to be ready for August and last resort October. However, I watched a 7 sage video last night about the post curriculum strategy by a sage named Josh who describes the three phases after the curriculum. After watching this I realized even though I finished the curriculum I still have a very very long way to go with this test and it does not seem like I will be ready by August and possibly even October. This is kind of disappointing because that is the date I had my eye set on for a while. I am wondering how anyone has dealt with the disappointment of having to delay your test date and sort of the mindset that helped you get over that disappointment. Thanks in advance for your responses!


  • mlhinklemlhinkle Member
    292 karma

    Dont feel discouraged on delaying! There isnt anybody who can judge if you're ready better than you, and this is something that I took into consideration when dealing with pressures from family. Not only will you have a score you're unhappy with but also you'll feel discouraged. I would wait until you're ready to take it.

  • sheridjwsheridjw Alum Member
    936 karma

    @mlhinkle Thank you for the great advice. You make a great point about only myself knowing when I am really ready for the test. Thanks so much!

  • DB_Journeyto1LDB_Journeyto1L Alum Member
    26 karma

    I understand your disappointment. I started studying last July with the intent of taking it in November. But I wasn't really studying like I should because I was also working full time. November came and went and I thought I would take the January 2020 exam. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized I was creating unnecessary pressure on myself and in return, I wasn't performing the way I should. I picked back up studying about in mid-April and am eyeing the August exam.

    My advice is to just take in one week at a time. You may realize that you are further than you think and will be able to take the August exam. But if you're not, you should give yourself the time to really prepare and take it in October. Would you rather force it, sit for the August exam and get a score you're not happy with or would you rather give yourself that extra time and really do well in October (or after)?

  • sheridjwsheridjw Alum Member
    936 karma

    @DB_Journeyto1L Thank you for your response back. It is encouraging to see that you have been at it still despite pushing your test date back. Very helpful advice, thanks!

  • Rowe2020Rowe2020 Member
    225 karma

    I think it's important not to take it before you are confident/ready, don't let your own personal bias on where you think you should be change that... Make a conscious effort everyday to put yourself in the mindset that you are confident and up to the challenge. When you fully believe it sign up and don't talk yourself out of it. I believe there are diminishing returns if you wait too long once you are ready. I have done a lot of self testing so I know myself and how long it takes me to study for something. so I don't push things past that point in hopes of getting a few extra points.

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