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Core Curriculum- Ultimate

sanambath19sanambath19 Alum Member
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I am planning on doing the core curriculum for 2 months and finish at the start of August. After this I will taking 2 practice tests a week leading up to the August test date- so 8 total. I plan to take the August LSAT and the November one too. I just feel like the CC is taking a long time especially with my note taking even though I have the speed at 2x. Does anyone have any tips? I know that while taking practice tests I will have to review the core curriculum in the areas I get wrong, but I want to make sure I have a good understanding before I start taking tests.


  • The Great White SharkThe Great White Shark Alum Member
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    Hey there,

    The LSAT is all about forming good reasoning habits. Habits take 3 weeks to form. Four weeks of PTing isn't much time to address problem areas to be honest. It can take some time to correct problem areas, even while working with a tutor. But some people are able to get to their desired score quicker than others.

    I wouldn't recommend doing this if you were waiting to take the LSAT until you are PTing at your desired score, but it may be helpful for you to take a few PTs and see what areas you need to target most in the CC and what areas you may have a good understanding of already and can skip. Obviously, it is ideal if you go through everything in the CC but that is hard to do if you are set to take the exam soon. Don't forget to drill LGs as well! This usually provides the quickest boost to your score.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

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