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One Month Out

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Hey all,

I'm registered for the June LSAT. I have been studying/ watching 7sage videos and practicing since the beginning of February. For the final stretch what makes the most sense studying wise? Should I be doing a practice test weekly, biweekly? I have not completed all of the videos and practice sets but have a brief familiarity with every section. My weakest section is definitely Logic Games. Any advice? Thank you!!


  • thinklikealawyerthinklikealawyer Core Member
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    Hi! As of now I am taking two full timed PT's a week on LawHub (LSAC's interface), transferring the answers to 7sage, then doing blind review + full review. I am drilling weak points as necessary (specific question types & weakest game types). I will be carrying this schedule into the week of the exam, where I will take one PT + in depth review, then taking the day before the real test off to decompress. If you feel you need more practice with LG, I would do as many as you can before the test. One game a day at least... (possibly full game sections if necessary). I hope this is helpful! Good luck!!!

  • Legally_BluntLegally_Blunt Core Member
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    That's very helpful. Thanks for sharing!!

  • tahurrrrrtahurrrrr Member
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    In addition to weekly practice tests, I'm doing problem sets for specific weak points. I'm also drilling whole sections from older PTs to work on timing strategy

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