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So when do we ACTUALLY get our scores back?

mackenzie_fitzgeraldmackenzie_fitzgerald Alum Member
in General 74 karma
On my LSAC account it says July 7, 2015 but I consistently keep hearing it take 3 weeks... but I'm wondering, from the people who have already taken it... does it possibly come back even earlier than that? And will it come in an email or do we need to be continually checking our LSAC account?


  • Dr. YamataDr. Yamata Member Inactive ⭐
    578 karma
    They'll email it to you from what I understand, if your e-mail with LSAC is current.

    Personally, I don't even need to wait a month to see my score. I already know it's not what I want it to be.. so might as well start getting back on the prep bandwagon
  • mackenzie_fitzgeraldmackenzie_fitzgerald Alum Member
    edited June 2015 74 karma
    Hey you never know! I remember one time while PTing I was running out of time for a game (and we all know that that happened today) so I just used quick judgment and basically guessed on all the questions and literally did not miss a single one - out of the 7 for that game?! I'm banking on that happening again today....hopefully it will for you too..
  • Dr. YamataDr. Yamata Member Inactive ⭐
    578 karma
    Yeah well.. I didn't want to have to hang my hat on the shotgun answer choices. But Let's cross our fingers!
  • mackenzie_fitzgeraldmackenzie_fitzgerald Alum Member
    74 karma
    Fingers, toes...anything crossable
  • ggjonesggjones Free Trial Member
    41 karma
    Last time I got my score 3 weeks after I took the test. By the way, your score will be right there in the body of your email. You won't need to log in or anything. So when you get the email from LSAC be ready.
  • jdawg113jdawg113 Alum Inactive ⭐
    2654 karma
    I want to say around the first of July but probably around the 3rd or 4th
  • visualcreedvisualcreed Member Inactive ⭐
    326 karma
    I'm going to probably start laughing hysterically to keep from crying when I open that email.
  • 168/3.79168/3.79 Free Trial Member
    10 karma
    I wrote on June 9, 2014 and the score was released on July 1st. I'm expecting this LSAT score to come out between June 30-July 2.
  • Student76Student76 Alum Member
    324 karma
    I did Feb 2015 and there was a ton of anticipation the week before it was scheduled to be released. Nope. Nothing. It came out day of, for me at like 5 pm. Maybe it was night before at 5 pm but either way, my husband accidentally opened it and just flipped my phone at me, without me expecting it at all and I must have turned completely white, then the crying started. lol.

    @mackenzie_fitzgerald getting the last game right just by quick guesses would be my dream come true! I usually select one letter all the way down in the last 3 minutes then go through and look at that letter's answer, if I can eliminate it, I quickly mark another letter and move to the next one. That way I know even my randoms are a little better than random!
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