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Take LSAT 3 times??

thinklikealawyerthinklikealawyer Core Member
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Hi, I'm wondering if there is a negative stigma against taking the LSAT 3 times?

I just took the June exam and although I didn't feel it was too hard, my nerves got the best of me during LG and I do not think I preformed well.. LG was really the section that I needed to do well on to carry me into my goal score. I am considering signing up for August depending on what my actual score it, and if my score is as low as I am thinking, I will have no choice but to take the exam again.

My question for you all is this: does it look bad to have three tests on your application? Do law schools look at it negatively if you received two not so great scores? I have been consistently scoring above my goal score for the last 7 weeks of prep. I know I am capable of it, I just need to find a way not to let the nerves in. I was honestly considering cancelling this score, but I read that definitely carries a negative stigma. Any knowledge on this matter would be greatly appreciated!


  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    edited June 2021 8460 karma

    I wouldn't say cancelling carries a negative stigma, but don't cancel... there is literally no benefit, and you could be potentially cancelling a good score. Its very hard to gauge our performance post-test.

    Any potential negative effect of multiple takes (which IMO is little to non-existent) is far outweighed by a higher score. Remember you are not comparing a goal score with 2 takes to one with 3 takes... you're comparing you with a lower score to you with a higher score.

  • valeriehevaleriehe Member
    148 karma

    The above post is absolute right. The highest score is what matters the MOST. Law schools' ranks used to rely on the average of all test scores, so your lowest score matters. However, the ranking system changed to rely on ONLY the highest score. As materialistic/realistic as law schools' admission offices (they really really care about their admission stats, ranks and employment stats), it is safe to say that multiple takes' and some lower scores' influence is minor.

  • thinklikealawyerthinklikealawyer Core Member
    284 karma

    Thank you both for your insight. I've been stressing about what admissions committees will think if they see 3 scores, but your comments eased my mind. Getting a good score is the most important factor it seems, even if it takes a few tries to get there. Thank you again!

  • valeriehevaleriehe Member
    148 karma

    Just an update, my Spivey consultant told we to take August exam. He said it doesn't matter whether the score turns out to be lower than my June exam or not. He just stresses the importance to take the exam whenever you can and the highest core is the one that matters.

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