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Fourth Unscored Section?

khangikhangi Member

Quick question––will the 4th unscored section for the LSAT be one of the two LR sections? Or can it be any one of the three section types?


  • CripTheLawCripTheLaw Member
    45 karma

    It can be any section type, it is just an experimental like there used to be, so all section types are possible. It would be beneficial to practice having two LG and RC sections in your practicing.

  • The 4 section test allows for 1 section to be experimental, and that 1 section can be anything, LG, LR, or RC. Therefore it is best to practice a full 4 section test.

  • ericyang-1ericyang-1 Member
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    The coming LSAT will not feature 2 LRs 1 LG and 1 RC like the practice tests. The practice tests used to feature 5 sections. They consisted of 2 LRs 1 LG 1 RC and an experimental section. That's why there are 4 sections available to test. The experimental section is different for everyone.

    The "core" of the upcoming test -- until they change the format -- will have 1 LR 1 LG and 1 RC. These will be the scored section of the test. The 4th experimental section could be any of the three. Therefore, you are equally likely to have a 2 LR or a 2 LG or a 2 RC test. You will still need to prepare for the 3 sections.

  • CripTheLawCripTheLaw Member
    edited February 2022 45 karma

    Let me clear that up, I do not mean a single test with 2 sections of RC and two sections of LR if that's what you thought. Rather you can have one of three outcomes (in no particular section order):
    1. LG, LG, LR, RC
    2. LG, LR, LR, RC
    3. LG, LR, RC, RC

    So it is beneficial to practice having tests of all types by having two sections of LG in a single test one of which is unscored, having two sections of LR in a single test one of which is unscored, and having two sections of RC in a single test one of which is unscored.

    Also, you might need to speak with more people about their LSAT experience that is not a flex test (since flex did not have an unscored section) to get an accurate representation of how often any section type comes up as an unscored section. You will have an equal chance of getting any one section type as your experimental section. If you have an unscored section you will always have a scored version of that same section type (ex. you have an unscored LG you will always have a scored LG as well)

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