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Frustrated and unsure how to proceed

benreimler1-1benreimler1-1 Core Member
in General 47 karma

I’ve been studying since February, and haven’t posted on this discussion board yet, but I’m feeling especially frustrated and lost with my LSAT journey lately. I had planned to take the test in October, and at this point, I don’t think that would advisable. I could push my test date back to November, but more realistically, I’m looking at a Spring test date for the 2023 academic year. I’m particularly frustrated given that in the last couple of weeks I’ve seen my PT score move backwards, and as someone who has already been out from undergrad for 3 years, delaying for another academic year is a bitter pill to swallow. Any suggestions on charting my best course of action would certainly be welcome.


  • TE CSC 2021TE CSC 2021 Core Member
    148 karma

    @benreimler1 how far are are away from your target score? What have you done so thus far to prepare?

  • WinningHereWinningHere Member
    417 karma

    start posting on the forum

  • CashhhyyyCashhhyyy Core Member
    583 karma

    What PT test did you start with? I've seen many people have this problem. They start with PT 30-50's and they see a decrease by they time they get to 70+ because 70's + are more modern and are a little different. I've seen this happen A LOT

  • tantan_icetantan_ice Member
    edited September 2021 23 karma

    I've also been out of undergrad for 3 years so I feel you but really, another year is nothing in the grand scheme of things!!! Remember you are still very young with a whole future ahead. Okay, moving on to more LSAT relevant (and less philosophical) stuff, maybe pushing your test to Nov is a good thing but I would make a solid study plan so I know what I am working towards each day. Good luck!

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