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$0 Application Fee List

I was curious if anyone has a master list of all the schools that don’t have an application fee this cycle??


  • gremckgremck Monthly Member
    95 karma

    No master list but just from where I'm applying: Northeastern and George Washington !

  • sarakimmelsarakimmel Alum Member
    1488 karma

    If you email most schools and ask for a fee waiver, they are usually happy to oblige with rare exception. Those fees rack up quickly, save where you can!

  • Smelly CatSmelly Cat Member
    48 karma

    Yes, I found fee waivers for a lot of schools! Some schools offer need based waiver (Fordham) while others offer waivers if you apply before a certain priority deadline (Loyola) or attend a webinar (U. of Miami). Has anyone been able to find any fee waivers for UCLA or University of Southern California (Gould)?

  • Smelly CatSmelly Cat Member
    48 karma

    School Application Fee
    University of California--Irvine $0.00
    Fordham $0.00 *Need based on W2
    Cardozo-Yeshiva University $0.00
    Seton Hall University $0.00
    Loyola $0.00 *The application fee is waived until December 31, 2021. After is $65
    U. of Miami $00.00 *fee waiver from attending one of their webinars, usually $60
    Brooklyn Law $0.00

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