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Misc Games

Iwillwin_Iwillwin_ Member
in Logic Games 164 karma

While fool-proofing games from PT1-35, have heard JY often say Misc Games from the earlier tests are very rare now - is that still true? I always tend to trip up on those kinds of games. How much should I worry about these keeping recent tests in mind?


  • emmorensemmorens Core Member
    1470 karma

    I feel like when JY says that they aren't necessarily recurring it's because they aren't a cookie cutter game format, like grouping or sequencing, but IMO I think there are still valuable lessons to be learned from them, like: learning how to react when you see a game you don't understand, or utilizing some of the more novel games to practice understanding obscure rules and trying to see if you can figure out what exactly it means.

    I have personally found a really helpful exercise to be practicing setting up the game board and representing rules correctly, even if I don't feel like attempting the whole game. :)

  • Steven_B-1Steven_B-1 Member
    772 karma

    I second what @emmorens said above. I find so much value in those MISC games because they really test your ability to adapt to new circumstances. If you can do those, then you can definitely do any of the usual game types.

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