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Looking for an additional member for the June 2022 LSAT!

claudin07claudin07 Core Member
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Study Group for June 2022 LSAT

Hey everyone! We’re looking for some new additions to our fun & fruitful online LSAT study group! (Since Jan 2022).

Currently we meet twice a week on Tuesdays & Thursdays in the morning at 10 AM PST (2 hours / session). We’re pretty flexible with our time – so don’t be shy :)

How We Study!
- Logical Reasoning – Complete 2 LR Sections in advance (individually) and Blind Review Together. We compare flagged questions & talk about questions where we have different answers
- Reading Comprehension – Complete 1 RC Section in advance (individually) and Blind Review Together. Review the passage together & go over each question
- We use Zoom with the camera turned on (Zoom link is provided)

Please Join Us If You…
- Are getting an average score of 160+ in your PrepTests
- Are committed, dedicated and respectful of others – Complete the sections in advance & be on time for the study session
- Want to study for the LSAT with fun-loving members!

Hope to hear from you soon!


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