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Accommodations Granted advice

stephgmeisterstephgmeister Alum Member
in General 95 karma
Hey Guys!

I haven't purchased a 7sage course yet and I don't even know if I need a course. Ive taken the test twice already and I think what I struggle most on is knowing how to use my time leading up for the test, ex drilling more, PTing more etc. Does 7sage help with that? My past test scores have been extremely low after much studying, I haven't passed a 150 therefore I decided to request accommodations for my disability.

Recently I was granted testing accommodations and will now receive 54min per section! It is the third time I will take the test therefore I can not mess this up. Should I practice as if I have 35 min per section? Where do I find strategies for people who are taking the test with extended time? If someone in a similar situation has done something remarkable to improve their score please let me know!

Any advice would help.

Thank you!


  • BruiserWoodsBruiserWoods Legacy Member Inactive ⭐
    edited April 2016 1706 karma
    Do NOT practice with 35 minutes. (Also, make sure you're getting 54 minutes, and not 53*). I also believe [deleted per user's request] may have some insight here. Take your next pt with a regular watch and do 53 minute sections.

    As far as the strategies for taking the test with extended time, they are basically the same. The main difference I notice is that I'm just mentally more tired at the end of the PTs, but that's to be expected when it's taking you literally 1.5xs as long. When I was practicing with 35 minute sections, I couldn't get above the high 150s - low-160s even after a year of study. I would only get to 3 RC passages and 3 LGs MAX.

    Once I was granted accommodations, and did more BR than I ever thought possible to REALLY understand the test, my scores improved dramatically.

    I suggest you take a PT with the extended time, get your score, and go from there.
  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Alum Member Sage 🍌
    27107 karma
    I agree with @BruiserWoods . Great advice, as usual.
    @stephgmeister said:
    If someone in a similar situation has done something remarkable to improve their score please let me know!
    So, 7Sage is teeming with people who have seen dramatic score improvements. @"Nicole Hopkins” led a great webinar on her 18 point improvement, which is available to members. If you’ve only got one take left, you’re absolutely right that you’ve got to do this right. Give some consideration to a 7Sage membership. Like you, I studied my ass off for almost a year, took two of my LSATs, and was very disappointed with my score. The tools 7Sage offers are simply superior to anything else available. The curriculum is amazing, and it’s a great community of people. For me, it absolutely revolutionized my LSAT prep and I’m now averaging my target score on my PTs. They offer a money back option during your first two weeks, so if it’s something you’re thinking about, go for it. If after two weeks it hasn’t changed everything then yeah, probably just get your refund, two weeks should’ve been enough.
  • runiggyrunruniggyrun Alum Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    edited April 2016 2481 karma
    You don't have to decide right now whether or not you need a course. Take a couple of PT's (assuming you have some fresh ones left) with your new time limit. That alone can make an enormous difference.
    LSAC is saying that your 54 minutes are equivalent to my 35 minutes. Which means that the tests you took before, with a 35 minute limit, felt for you roughly the same as 23 minute sections would feel for me (or any other person without a disability). I'm sure my scores would take a major hit if I only had 23 minutes/section, so you might be pleasantly surprised by your scores on PT's taken with the proper time accommodations.
    If you're still not where you need to be, I'd wholeheartedly recommend 7Sage. JY's methods are really practical and down to earth, and he builds the LSAT house from the foundation up, so you're likely to benefit a lot from the lessons (all packages include all lessons). And the community is very helpful with questions that might not be answered in the curriculum.
    Good luck!
  • stephgmeisterstephgmeister Alum Member
    95 karma
    Thanks guys for your insight. And @runiggyrun, I have never thought of that before, but that is a really great point! Now I just have to see whether or not lsac will let me extend my deadline as I'm not ready for June. But since the accommodations were already approved they should always be approved no matter which date I extend it to. Is there a limit to how many times I can extend?
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