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Feeling depressed

DavabrahamsDavabrahams Alum Member
edited July 2014 in General 62 karma
Hey Fellow Sagers,
Iv'e been studying for the exam now for over a month, but I really don't see any results. I can't break a 140! My goal is not to get a 170+, I'm just being realistic with myself. Anyways, I don't have a good or on ok section. On My last Prep test that I took (Test 52) which was done on timed conditions,I did terrible. I got -32 on LR, - 21 on RC and -14 on LG. I don't know what to do. I've never been a good standardized test taker. If I can get in the Mid 150's I'll be more than glad. My gpa is a solid 3.85. Please help! Is there anyone one else out there that is starting out in the mid 130's? I plan on taking the test in December. Thank you for your time.


  • CFC152436CFC152436 Alum Member
    284 karma
    1. Don't get discouraged! Most people study for well over 3 months (probably closer to 6-8 months in most cases) for the LSAT. This is a monster of a test, and it takes a lot of time and committment to master.

    2. Are you using the 7sage course (or Manhattan or Powerscore) to help establish solid fundamentals? Taking prep tests without a firm base isn't really the best way to attack the LSAT. You'll most likely keep making the same mistakes over and over again, and it will seem like you're stuck at a certain score.

    3. You can do this! I know plenty of people who improved 10-20 points from their initial diagnostic. It definitely requires a lot of hard work, but that's why we're all on this site in the first place. By yourself the LSAT is extremely difficult - with 7sage and a whole bunch of other test takers, it's easily doable!
  • brainwvsbrainwvs Alum Member
    79 karma
    You have plenty of time to improve. Forget about the PTs don't take them for months!! Focus on improving every single question type the best you can. Then, and only then, start taking complete, timed PTs. How can you do the PTs when you don't know the rules yet! I had studies for about 6 mo before I took my first timed PT. Now scoring in the 99%.
  • raytranrraytranr Alum Member
    105 karma
    Take your time. These things take a bit of time to digest - even after a bunch of drills, learning the "theory," and practice tests (sort of like learning to drive a car - it takes time before you "get" how to be behind the wheel).

    Consider taking a "productive break" - review old materials in bite size chunks and improve your reading speed. Do old drills again to see if you can catch where you are struggling. Also - consider hiring a tutor (doesn't have to be a long term thing with a tutor, but a good tutor might help spot what's in your way which can help you figure out what you need to do differently).

    Give yourself the time you need to make the progress you want.
  • golmaryamgolmaryam Alum Member
    22 karma
    My first diagnostic score was 138 , I studied for 3-4 months and my June score was 152. It's pretty impossible to get into any law schools in Canada with this score, so I am retaking it in September and I am aiming for 160+. IT IS POSSIBLE. To be honest I dreaded taking LSAT for almost 4 years because I always thought I did not have what it takes (English is not my first language). But I finally decided to do it, because law and justice have always been my passion. SO don't get discouraged. Just practice,practice, practice. Good luck! :)
  • cnguye15cnguye15 Legacy Member
    edited August 2014 64 karma
    Hey golmaryam,
    It's been 2 years since my first diagnostic and second. The first one was 132 and the second 162 ( 2 years after the first one). I didn't spend 2 years studying for the test, as I decided to pursue a master as a back-up plan (go for phd) but then decided to go law school because the Phd- path is too long for me. Thanks god after 7 months of intensive reading (2-3 books a week), I took the june 2007 lsat and got 162 (still -7 for LG). If you are passionate for law you may just want to spend another 6 months reading complex materials. Taking a year off will allow you to improve your soft and lsat score. I am an international student as well. When i first did LSAT i couldn't understand most of what LR stimuli or RC passages said. If you get down all the techniques, then the main problem is comprehension.
  • DByrne07DByrne07 Monthly Member
    279 karma
    Been studying for two months and scored a 146 today on the June 07 - goal is 167ish and I would be happy by the Dec. 14 or Feb. 15 LSAT - it's possible through these guys. As an example - I could barely finish a LG section when I first started, but today I was able to finish the section and only miss 7 questions. My LR needs a ton of work, which I intend to crush!
  • vandyzachvandyzach Member
    358 karma
    STOP TAKING PTs!!!!!

    You do not understand the concepts the LSAT is testing. So do NOT take another PT for at least a month or two.

    Go through each problem slowly. Go through the games slowly. Go through LR questions slowly.

    You have plenty of low-hanging fruit to grab that will easily propel you above 150.

    Consider a 7sage course to learn the basics and more. But start with the basics. and be prepared to work your ass off.

    Good luck!
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