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Too late to succeed?

bedouinbedouin Member
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So I just recently (i.e. last night) registered officially with 7sage. I had been working with the Powerscore Logic Games bible, got uberly confused with some games, and turned to some of the 7sage videos online. Much easier to digest.

I wrote the June LSAT last year after just studing for a month and a half (some stuff came up) and managed to score in the 150s. I've been browsing through these blogs, and it seems like everyone's been on 7sage since April. I'm beginning to freak out. Is it too late to be studying for the October, wanting to own the LSAT?



  • Mark TenorioMark Tenorio Member
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    How are you doing on the more recent PT's (60-68)?

    There are stories where people just studied for 2 weeks and scored high.
  • Justin GilesJustin Giles Member
    edited June 2013 44 karma
    Two weeks is an outlier, but if you get started right now (and have the summer to dedicate to it) 3 months is more than enough time.

    That's how much time I spent, and I did pretty okay. =)
  • bedouinbedouin Member
    25 karma
    @Mark Tbh, I have yet to do a PT this time around, let alone a more recent one.
    Planning on doing the June '07 later today.
    Guess I'll find out soon enough.

    @Justin - Okay, lol, that's a comfort. Thanks! :)
    I'm hoping that I will be able to get through the course faster than the 9 weeks the schedule allots and get through more PTs. I guess I was just taken aback a bit.
  • edited June 2013 13 karma
    Most courses start in July (blueprint, etc.) don't worry about starting now because you're still ahead of the game. Sure some people have already started studying but, there's a lot of people who haven't even started because their course hasn't started yet. Do double time for the time you feel you have missed and then you'll be caught up before you know it. The bottom line, don't worry you still have July, August & September to get in shape for the test! Just put in the time you know you need too in order to succeed. Having already taken the test last year and doing it again this October, I can honestly say if you study the right way anything is possible. Also, pay strict attention to the schedule provided on this website, it will guide you in the right direction and break down exactly how much you'll need to do per week. Try not to bend the rules to much on the schedule because it will keep you on track! Good luck!
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