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Just withdrew from Sept test. Literally an hr before deadline.

Coolmama09Coolmama09 Alum Member
in General 156 karma
I contemplated all day and finally did what my heart told me to do and not what my ego has been telling me...Withdraw...You're not ready. Almost ready = not ready. Period. Any illusions and delusions I had about pulling a urban legend miracle on test day needed to be shattered. It was really painful to withdraw but I'm so glad I did.


  • dennisgerrarddennisgerrard Alum Member
    1639 karma
    don't pressure yourself if you r not ready. I may postpone to Feb and apply next circle.

    put LSAT aside and enjoy your weekend before back to track,
  • SprinklesSprinkles Alum Member
    11536 karma
    I'm glad you did too! You're going to do amazing when it's the right time :) so proud of you for doing what's right.
  • bruingirl1205bruingirl1205 Alum Member
    444 karma
    @Coolmama09 I did the same thing, literally 10 minutes before the withdraw deadline. It was definitely one of the hardest things I've had to do as I have been preparing for months to take the test tomorrow. However, I hadn't hit my target score on my PTs and knew that it would be a crapshoot if I took the test tomorrow. I will be taking a month off of work to solely work on getting my score up and I will be dedicating the next two months to crushing the LSAT in December.
  • SprinklesSprinkles Alum Member
    11536 karma
    Wow. You guys are the real MVPs. @bruingirl1205
  • SprinklesSprinkles Alum Member
    11536 karma
    Words of wisdom @dennisgerrard. I'm glad you see the value in taking the LSAT when you're ready. And yes take this weekend off to enjoy :)
  • Artak MamikonyanArtak Mamikonyan Legacy Member
    308 karma
    Don't worry, i went through a similar thing and now feel amazing when studying for the December LSAT. My goal score is a 165+ but i have been averaging 160.1 through 12 Pts so i had to face the harsh truth that although i had hit 164 on a couple occasions, i would be going in there tomorrow and hoping to get lucky rather than being completely prepared. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and now i can focus on studying for December. Today was my first day of studying for December and I felt great. I don't think you'll regret your decision, especially if you were truly not ready.
  • Coolmama09Coolmama09 Alum Member
    156 karma
    wow. thank you guys and gals for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I did the original post in hopes of alleviating angst, self shame and doubt of anyone ending up in the same situation as me. It's OK to admit that you're not ready. You're not dumb (say that 10 times), you're not a loser and deliberate practice/studying will prevail. *thumbs up*.
  • hlsat180hlsat180 Member
    362 karma
    You're kidding, right? That was a solid decision based on what you know - rather than what you hope. What you can count on is that you will be even better prepared to earn a higher score next time.

    Also, plenty of people have done what you did and, as a result, worked out for the better.
  • rakinalikhanrakinalikhan Alum Member
    329 karma
    i did the same thing bro. i was scoring mid 150s but i know thats not good enough at all for acceptance and scholarships. when you factor in "test day penalty" (scoring a few points less than your practice tests) i just could not risk a low 150s or even worse, lower. ill reregister for december, hopefully get my accommodations, and give it my all to go above 160. the only downside is losing the registration money but if you get the score you want on the next test, then its just pennies.
  • LSATKingsmanLSATKingsman Alum Member
    1024 karma
    Good for you. When you are ready you will kick ass.
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