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So.. What now?

Clayton1-1Clayton1-1 Alum Member
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So I took the June LSAT, by going through 7sage pretty quickly and the LSAT Bibles I got a 153.I took the test last weekend and am going to cancel my score due to proctor problems but was scoring around high 150's during PTs right before. I skimmed through 7 sage and mostly did practice tests and reviewed wrong answers.

So now I am registered for the December LSAT and kinda stuck on how to study for it. Should I go through 7sage again or the Bibles again or just really focus on my weak area of RC? I was planning on started 7sage from scratch and going through the whole thing but not sure if that is truly the best use of my time. Im usually missing -7 or -8 in each LG,and each of the LR and missing about -11 to -13 on RC.


  • elvisliveselvislives Alum Member
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    I would say go through 7sage again, this time taking notes and doing all the available prep material. I wrote in June after thoroughly going through the Bibles and skimming 7sage and scored in the low 160s. After I got my score back, I did the whole 7sage curriculum, and was PTing in the low 170s. Here's hoping that my Sept score will be close to that. I feel that 7sage was essential to me understanding what the LSAT is actually testing, and going in feeling confident in my abilities. My weak area was RC as well - and I found that the memory method worked for me. I saw major improvements in this section. Push really hard in LR since there are two sections, so your effort will be worth double. And lastly, you can conquer LG to the point where -0 or -1 is highly likely - 7sage is the absolute best for that. Because of the curriculum I felt that the Sept. games were manageable, if not easy. I'd like to say that I am in no way a natural when it comes to the LSAT - my diagnostic was 148. If you put in the work with 7sage, it is going to pay off.
  • mjjohns6mjjohns6 Legacy Member
    418 karma
    I think you should go through 7sage again. But also keep in mind that you have about 10 weeks until the Dec LSAT so make sure you manage your time wisely. Also you might want to do a PT once a week so that you can which question types you're still constently missing & review those lessons in the course & also continue practicing those problem sets. take notes & review those notes. I have notes that I can email to you. Mostly for LR/LG
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