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Anyone else finding it difficult to focus?

rafaelitorafaelito Alum Member
in General 1063 karma

Is anyone else having trouble focusing on the LSAT with everything that is going on? This is an incredible space and I do not wish to compromise its neutrality. I am simply having trouble focusing. Does anyone have tips on staying the course?


  • Q.E.DQ.E.D Alum Member
    556 karma

    Hey man. Yeah, I sympathize. Work has interfered with my prep so much that I'm using a fat chunk of PTO to prep for this LSAT on Saturday. Every hour counts now. I stay focused by taking little breaks, for example by messing around on this forum between LGs. The biggest motivator, though, is putting on my future-me shoes and picturing the awful regret of choking on the test bc I wasted time. How nice it would be to hop in the time machine to the part where you waste hours/days/weeks you could have used to lock up those weak areas.

    And snap! Dream come true.

  • jm_reavesjm_reaves Alum Member
    48 karma

    My mind wanders constantly. I just have to find a way to settle down and focus.

  • dantlee14dantlee14 Free Trial Member
    edited January 2017 617 karma

    Absolutely, Rafael. I work in DC and it's impossible to escape a literal feeling of doom; I ask myself every day, will this city even exist/be habitable in ~4 months when I'm supposed to take the test? Am I wasting my final days on this earth studying for the fucking LSAT? And then I start to think, shouldn't I be at the protests at the WH instead of locked up in my room taking a prep test? It's really, really difficult to think on a longer time horizon when we could very well be pushed into war within a matter of months because of an incompetent assclown with no respect for the rule of law. I try to find time when I can, but it's extremely difficult to motivate myself when so many people are being hurt, right now, because of the gross negligence and hatred that has taken over our government.

    Edit/note: I have zero qualms compromising "political neutrality" in these times.

  • SherryS1SherryS1 Member
    477 karma

    @RafaelBernard You're not alone :) I'm definitely having trouble focusing "with everything going on." I felt the same way after the elections. I think regardless of where one sits on the political spectrum, things feel very tense time right now.

    I've been compulsively checking the news but I think it's just putting me on edge. My plan is to stop checking, start doing a bunch of yoga and meditating until I take the LSAT on Feb 4. Assuming it goes well, I'll resume being an active, informed and non-LSAT obsessed person.

  • SherryS1SherryS1 Member
    edited January 2017 477 karma

    Work has interfered with my prep so much that I'm using a fat chunk of PTO to prep for this LSAT on Saturday. Every hour counts now. I stay focused by taking little breaks, for example by messing around on this forum between LGs.

    @"Q.E.D" Me too :) Just drilling 78 LG now, lol. We got this!

    I work in DC and it's impossible to escape a literal feeling of doom;

    @dantlee14 Your note made me smile. I was born and raised in DC. You guys are making me proud. Keep fighting the good fight.

  • rafaelitorafaelito Alum Member
    1063 karma


    Thank you so much for responding. You articulated my feelings exactly. It is so hard to not spend every waking moment reading the news, pouring over my Facebook feed, or engaging in activism. These executive orders and the reorganization of power is terrifying. I tell myself I would suffer more if I let the demagogue in chief derail my dreams. But what can I make of these dreams during these times? The rule of law is literally being subverted. My plan is to take the LSAT in June as well but like you said it's so hard to think long term. It's hard to even think of your own future (especially if you're a part of politically marginalized communities) because you don't know to what extent your life might be affected.

    As an optimist, I didn't think I'd have this much trouble concentrating when he got elected. But things are really serious and you can't turn a blind eye, ignore it, or shut it out.

    Solidarity to you.

  • rafaelitorafaelito Alum Member
    edited January 2017 1063 karma

    @SherryS1 Good luck February 4th!! I have been trying to regulate how much time I spend on social media. This past weekend bombshells were dropped. I know I must stay the course. Ever since I watched AccountsPlayable's webinar I decided meditation would serve me well on the LSAT. What a perfect time to start that. :smile:

  • apublicdisplayapublicdisplay Alum Member
    edited January 2017 696 karma

    I look for productive ways to be distracted. Sometimes we need that complete escape from the LSAT to avoid burnout so might as well do something stimulating in the meantime. You'd be surprised how energized you will feel coming back to studying after forgetting about it for a while as opposed to thinking about it every waking minute as if you're working when you're just stressing yourself out.

  • Yessss. The news from the last few days has really been stressful and clouding my mind. I've decided to stop watching the news in the final days before the exam on Saturday. I know it's a bit drastic but it's so disruptive to my peace of mind.

  • rafaelitorafaelito Alum Member
    1063 karma

    Hey @laterceralavencida if I was taking the LSAT on Feb 4 I would definitely not be watching the news right now. I wish you the best of luck. Just tune in after. In fact, that is going to be a great distraction from worrying about the LSAT.

  • johanna586johanna586 Alum Member
    202 karma

    Thank you so much for posting this:) I have been thinking this for the last two weeks! It's horrible!!! I get home every night from work/study and I read the news and get so depressed! We'll be able to be full-ish memebers of society soon...

  • draj0623draj0623 Alum Member
    916 karma

    With all the madness going on, it has been distracting for me too. This is also a source of motivation to keep going because one day you'll be in a position to help someone from a position of authority. In the end, that's what this journey has been about for me. I know my potential to make a difference hasn't been exhausted and need to arm myself with the knowledge, power, and beauty of the legal system. I can't do that if I don't keep it together for the next 6 days. So as we say - Pa' Lante!

  • camcam Alum Member
    349 karma

    I'm not going to say anything rude or disrespectful about an elected official due to my job (military music)...but, I've had that same feeling of doom and gloom. Even though I'm the walking embodiment of well, "the man", I am nervous for my friends that fall in the targeted groups. Some of the changes to certain councils also strike me in a bad way. It makes me stomach turn thinking about the historical parallels to other times. I've felt physically, mentally, and emotionally drained.

    However, there is some positive. I don't remember another time of my life where people have joined together in large protests so consistently. Even in the small(ish) town that I grew up, people showed up for the rally. Sadly, the last rally before this that I remember (but did not attend) in that city was a Klan Rally when I was pretty young. It seems like since the election, there has been a theme of unity, despite it not being what the powers that be would like. It is like a significant portion of the US is rallying under the Gadsden Flag with a throwback usage as -a symbol of patriotism and the willingness to stand up against the government. I have also never wanted to be a lawyer as much as I do right now.

  • rafaelitorafaelito Alum Member
    1063 karma

    @draj0623 good luck!!

    @cam I like your optimism!

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