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Blind Review Technique

Lilhannah1345Lilhannah1345 Alum Member
in General 71 karma

Hi everyone! I'm relatively new to 7Sage and have a question about blind review. When you go through it, do you use the same copy of the test that you did your PT on, or a blank copy? And also, does anyone use highlighters or write anything down (i.e. your thought process), or do you just go through it as you would a timed section just without a time restraint?

Under my previous study plan, I was reviewing my PTs on the same copy and highlighting somewhat excessively. I feel like this maybe wasn't the best approach.

Thanks so much and happy studying :)


  • Harrison_PavHarrison_Pav Alum Member
    218 karma

    I would say if you could get your hands on a fresh copy of the test that would be helpful, but I don't think it's a necessity, it may help you from having a bias of picking you initial answer, but again not a necessity. As far as highlighting goes, I would say that it's a bit overkill, but hey, if you think it will help then by all means make that paper bleed! For writing out your thought process, absolutely write for every question you are blind reviewing why the right one is right and why the wrong ones are wrong. This is going to be a big pain in the butt at first and will take a long time, but as you go on you'll find that as you develop your mastery of the fundamentals you wont have to BR three fourths of the LR questions., and maybe only be doing 3-7 an LR section. Also some questions won't take as long to write out your thought process like a Sufficient Assumption question, the right answer will be right because it'll have you want and the wrong answers will not have what you want. But BRing will help a ton, as it will show what parts of the fundamental you don't have a mastery of and will allow you to go back to the CC and brush up on that particular subject.

  • Lilhannah1345Lilhannah1345 Alum Member
    71 karma

    Thanks so much!!

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