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ANY IDEAS? Help needed :(

BD MillsBD Mills Alum Member
edited December 2014 in General 35 karma
With the following comments, I'm hoping incite from people some input, be it advice or general opinion:

First, a little about me: From a modest upbringing, my parents, though nice, do not have a high school education. I wasn't poor or significantly disadvantaged, just a regular blue collar Canadian lower-middle class family. I had a very late start in my academic life; I was diganosed with ADHD at 12, had a Grade 3 reading comprehension in Grade 9, and essentially stopped participating in Math in Grade 5. After dropping out of high school, I decided my type A personality wasn't suited for manual labor so I obtained my high school diploma and enrolled in the local community college. After two years studying 12+ hours a day I had high enough grades to transfer to a reputable University, where I finished my last two years and obtained a Criminology degree with a 3.5 GPA. It was an absolute grind but I managed to do it.

Since University, I spent several years working in law enforcement and as a Youth Counselor. During this time, I realized I wanted to be a lawyer. I've written the LSAT four times, once in 2011 and three in a row in 2012-13. Because of the three times rule, I was prohibited from writing it for a year only to return again this December 2014 exam, of which I am registered in. My first attempt in 2011 I was practice averaging 150-156 and scored a 149 (often 16/25 on LR, 3 passages at 14/25, and only two logic gams at 12/25). I then spent over three months studying logic games specifically and was able to reach a third logic game giving me 15/25 and moving my practice scores to 153-158, I would then officially score 153, 151, 151.

This last round I completed all of 7Sage's material, with a heavy focus on LR. I have managed to improve my LR scores to 20/25 but my RC and LG have not improved. I cannot reach a fourth logic game or reading passage. With 12 practice tests this month I am consistently scoring 155-159. I've been studying 30-40 hours a week since September.

I should note that although I don't have panic attacks, and i'm generally stable, I get a lot of anxiety. I tend to think of the worst case scenario(s), assuming them to be probable, and then lose sleep and be stressed out all day. This last week I have slept 5-6 hours a night, have become extremely irritable, and have dropped to 155 on my last two practice exams.

I want to be a lawyer. I have the schools picked out I would like to (and could be admitted to) attending. I have great references and great professional experience. I have applied, but all that stands in my way is this stupid exam. Unfortunately, I can't help but wonder, after all this effort and studying, given my score only ever rising from 152-159, and my pattern of choking on test day... am I just not intelligent or stable enough to do this?!

Should I finally throw in the towel? Thanks for your input in advance. I would have sought advice from friends and family but they don't seem to get it.



  • BD MillsBD Mills Alum Member
    35 karma
    **I should note two things. With my 3.5 GPA, my intended schools would require me to score a 156-160
  • cnguye15cnguye15 Legacy Member
    64 karma
    BD Mills,
    If you want to apply for this year cycle, I think you should spend time on writing an addendum explaining why you didn't score as well as you wanted. Also you should focus on your personal statement, and diversity essay. But you should emphasize how you have overcome all the hardships to achieve your goal/dream of being a lawyer. Soft factors matter a lot in law school admission when hard factors don't stand out.
    For lsat, i don't know much about your study approach, but I am in the same boat as you. Quantity does not guarantee high score. I studied a lot since Sep but my performance has been in decline (especially in LR and RC). But anyways, you should take a day off before the test to avoid anxiety during test day.
    Hope it helps
  • jdawg113jdawg113 Alum Inactive ⭐
    2654 karma
    sounds like a struggle, and props to u for sticking with it, if you know what you want and feel you can achieve it then work for it. you seem to have improved slightly, though you dont seem to have had a click where things just work out. thats when most people can jump into the 170's and I think that would be when you hit 160's... maybe think about pushing the test back again? you've put it off this much whats waiting a little longer if it means achieving what you are shooting for? and take a step back and look at what you are doing and what would help you... surf different forums for insight from people in similar (ADHD) situations
  • StephanieTStephanieT Alum Member
    64 karma
    Keep your head up BD Mills. The LSAT is not an intelligence test. You are scoring better than 70 out of 100 (college educated people) who sit for the exam. That is something to be proud of, especially given what you have overcome. If you have the time and the resources, I would consider pursuing accommodations for anxiety and/or ADHD.
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