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Shoutout to all the folks taking the LSAT so they can do social movement legal support work

KayyyyyyyKayyyyyyy Free Trial Member
in General 346 karma

Good luck peeps.


  • rafaelitorafaelito Alum Member
    1063 karma

    Yes! You too!

  • Yasssss

  • TheMikeyTheMikey Alum Member
    edited September 2017 4196 karma


  • KayyyyyyyKayyyyyyy Free Trial Member
    346 karma

    Nice to get these responses! If you know and want to share, do y'all know what specifically you want to do as a lawyer?

  • BogotaLSATBogotaLSAT Alum Member
    32 karma

    :) love seeing this. hoping to go into immigration law!

  • Sara_3080Sara_3080 Alum Member
    432 karma

    Thanks :') Still a long way ahead. Hoping to become a civil rights lawyer and help individuals from marginalized communities that are being discriminated against or affected in any way by racism, xenophobia, islamophobia, homophobia, anti-semitism, etc, get what they deserve in court.

  • BillGreenpointBillGreenpoint Alum Member
    edited September 2017 318 karma

    F the Establishment! I'm here to stick up for the little guy in whatever small or large way I can.

    Good luck, y'all!

  • lgsb0629lgsb0629 Alum Member
    100 karma

    I'm currently an immigration paralegal.
    I'm a URM. This all is an upwards hill for me but I will do it because I want to help my community.

  • rafaelitorafaelito Alum Member
    1063 karma

    In terms of social movement legal support I would like to help arrestees engaged in various types of civil disobedience or direct action and for various causes. I am also interested in helping to combat oppressive ag-gag laws. I'm a recent fan of the National Lawyer's Guild - it would be awesome to be involved with them.

  • Paul CaintPaul Caint Alum Member
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  • tcookPHLtcookPHL Alum Member
    300 karma

    @Kayyyyyyy you're my hero!

  • StellaBlueStellaBlue Alum Member
    185 karma

    I want to make sure everyone is actually able to exercise their right to vote! Y'all are awesome keep up the good fight :)

  • tuc28290tuc28290 Alum Member
    103 karma


    we out here

  • amedley88amedley88 Alum Member
    378 karma

    @tuc28290 said:

    we out here

    Here here!

  • SethDCorleySethDCorley Alum Member
    57 karma

    I want to prosecute and advocate for victims of violent crimes. I just love every part of it :)

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