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  • I took the exam last September and I too was surprised that the score was in the body of the email. I was at work. I hadn't really put in as much time studying for that exam as I knew I could take it again if I wanted to get admission for Fall 2015.…
  • I am literary feeling like I can have a heart attack. I am imagining the time when the email comes. I think I am going to throw up. I have been checking the LSAC page every 10 minutes. It makes me feel good that I am not the only one who feels this …
  • Oh no, really? My first and third sections were LG . Are you saying that the first LG sections was experimental? How can you tell? I was really hoping it was the third.
  • Got it. Thanks. I had no idea. Is it located at the same part of the test? Example, section 2 or section 3?
  • Last time I got my score 3 weeks after I took the test. By the way, your score will be right there in the body of your email. You won't need to log in or anything. So when you get the email from LSAC be ready.
  • Thanks for replying. Good luck to you all. If and only if necessary:) i will take it again in October.