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  • Why would you want to? Its not like the questions are fact-based
  • Please don't cancel your test. The last 5 tests before the October flex were terrible for me, and in the end I still got a 175 on the actual. You'll be fine so long as you don't think about it
  • Not with a 149 I'm afraid. Good news is you have the much more important part done already, a good GPA. Increasing your LSAT score is a lot easier than trying to raise your GPA. Unless you have phenomenal softs (I'm talking like wounded in battle, …
  • My dude, actual legend. I haven't ever scored that high on my PTs even
  • @canihazJD said: Amazing score, congrats! Any words of wisdom? @"jackson.julien" said: Can you share, how you were able to get this amazing score? Hey guys, for some reason I can't reply directly so I hope you see this. I don't hav…
  • Sorry for the trouble! LSAC is aware of login issues on their site, and recommend that you please try the following: Click on the link on 7Sage's site or through the email from LSAC to link your LSAC Prep Plus account to your 7Sage account. …