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  • Harris, Megan, and anyone else using the Cambridge packets -- Do the packets take all of their questions from a limited number of tests? Your advice on getting the packets sounds pretty solid and I think I'll get some, but I just want to make sure …
  • For the RC and LG sections that overflow onto a second page, do those pages face each other in the booklet?
  • If you do want to try taking PTs with experimental sections, how do you add them in? I'd like to do a PT that is as close to the real thing as possible, but I don't know how to add an experimental section in without accidentally showing myself what …
  • Thanks for this thread @madeleine!
  • @madeline -- Yeah, I didn't think of that for some reason. If two people have library cards we could each reserve the room for one two hour block and just make sure they were consecutive. I'm taking a practice test this Saturday, but that's probably…
  • For people who were mentioning the Brooklyn Public Library -- if you have a group of people, you can actually reserve a private study room ahead of time. It could probably fit four of five of us and would likely do a pretty good job of mimic-ing rea…
  • You are a mind reader-- I just spent the last hour searching for free proctored practice tests in NYC. I didn't have very much luck, but I'd be happy to join a group that took realistically proctored practice tests in preparation for the December 6 …