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LSAT Test Dates

Find out the LSAT test dates so you know when you can take the test, and the registration deadlines so you can make sure you don't miss your chance by checking out our list of upcoming LSAT Test Dates.

Free Digital LSAT PrepTest Exam

Free LSAT Prep Test Exam Questions - June 2007

Practice taking the LSAT digitally by signing up for a free trial. Once you do, you can take the official June 2007 PrepTest digitally for free.

Free LSAT App

LSAT Proctor App
Our LSAT App for iPhone/iPad is designed to be easy to use, while including all the features we knew were important from teaching thousands of LSAT students. Simulate the LSAT test environment anytime, anywhere. You can take the LSAT in both modern digital and classic paper formats, and as either a 4-section traditional test or and 3-section Flex test.

The app also includes access to the course, discussion, analytics, and more! If you like it, rate it five stars!
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LSAT Analytics (scorer/grader)

Score your practice LSATs and get detailed analytics. This free tool figures out your LSAT score, tracks your progress with charts, and tells you what you should focus on. If you take digital PrepTests on 7Sage, it also tracks timing so you can see how you spend your time on earch question. It is the perfect tool for online LSAT preparation.

It is fully compatible with the new 3-section LSAT Flex format. You can do 3 section practice tests in our digital tester, or input your answers directly. If you've already taken your a 3-section test and just want an idea of what the score could be without inputing your answers, you can use our LSAT Flex Score Converter.

LSAT Practice Prep Test Score/Percentile Conversion Table

Learn how to convert your score into your real LSAT Prep Test Exam score and percentile with this handy chart. This page includes score conversion statistics and actual conversion tables for every PrepTest ever released.

Law School Rankings

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 10.42.00 PM
See the top law schools rankings from year to year in our chart in full technicolor. We also have a chart of the 25th percentile, median, and 75th percentile admitted student LSAT/GPA for many top law schools, and a LSDAS GPA calculator to estimate what your GPA translates to as far as law schools are concerned.

Or check out our detailed admissions statistics for all the top law schools. It includes median GPA, LSAT, admission rates, application deadlines, tuition fees, scholarship rates, and more.

LSAT Discussion Forum

Join a caring community of students who help you learn and keep you motivated! Through thousands of discussion threads, students have discussed everything from the LSAT, to law school admissions, and beyond.

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