On Monday, the Fellows read and discussed Martin Luther King, Jr's Letter from Birmingham Jail. Below is an excerpt from an email we sent to them explaining the rationale behind the assignment:

The reason we ask you to read and discuss this letter is manifold. First, we want to remind you of those values of liberty, equality, and justice for which King gave his life. We want you to cultivate your moral fiber. Second, we want you to understand the power of a sharp intellect combined with effective rhetoric to persuade. Third, we want you to know that you have to be brave and to act to bring the change you want to see in the world. That combination of a strong moral core, a clarity of mind, and the bravery to act makes for a great human being.

It is only fitting that we post this today for today is the day that we celebrate America. We encourage everyone to pay homage to our country by reading and reflecting on King's immortal words which has so poignantly consecrated our founding values.

Happy Fourth of July.