[Update July 24]
Thanks, Joy, for an absolutely wonderful talk! Thanks, Dami, for moderating!

[end of update]

We are pleased to welcome the PreProBono Public Interest Guest Speaker for this coming Saturday (July 21), Joy Wang!

Bio: Joy Wang is a 2010 graduate of Harvard Law School and is currently working as a public defender in Manhattan with the Legal Aid Society. While in law school, she also held internships with the United Nations on labor rights and human trafficking, the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, the Asian-American Legal Defense Fund, and the ACLU immigrant rights project. Prior to law school, Joy completed a doctorate from Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship and taught postcolonial literature at Brooklyn College CUNY.

If you are not a part of our Fellowship program, but still would like to participate, please RSVP here before 5pm on Friday, 7/20.

Alternatively, you can ask Joy your questions about public interest law by submitting your questions (before this Saturday, July 14) in the comments section below.