If you had trouble with this game, you should practice the other Games that are similar to this one (listed below).  That way, you'll learn to see how the Logic Games really are all the same. That's how high scorers see them and that's how you can improve your speed, accuracy, and score.

Start with the Games in the same set as this Game.  Then, work on the Games in the other sets.

The Medium In/Out Games Set
PT20-Game2 | PT39-Game4 | PT47-Game2 | PT58-Game4 | PT59-Game3

The Basic In/Out Games Set
PT33-Game2 | PT40-Game4 | PT45-Game3 | PT58-Game2

The Basic+ In/Out Games Set
PT34-Game4 | PT41-Game3

The Easy In/Out Games Set
PT24-Game1 | PT29-Game1 | PT36-Game1 | PT48-Game1 | PT54-Game1 | PT63-Game1

The Difficult In/Out Games Set
PT31-Game2 | PT32-Game2 | PT49-Game3