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Dear AO, How should an applicant like me, who has multiple “non-traditional” aspects to my story—lower GPA, gap in education, significant work experience—best explain these aspects without overloading my application […]

With the calendar flipping to March, law school admissions officers are entering one of their busiest and most nerve-wracking times of the year. Apps need to be read and decisions […]

With the calendar turning from February to March, the only change for law school admissions offices is purely decorative—taking down the red-colored streamers and hanging up all their green material. […]

With Presidents’ Day in the rearview mirror, law school admissions officers are beginning one of their key stretches of the admissions cycle. Working backwards from the future to the present: […]

Announcing 7Sage’s new weekly advice column, “Dear AO”! It’s a “Dear Abby”-style column where you can ask any question to former law school admissions officers. Each week, we’ll publish our […]