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Back in their offices with a little peace and quiet before students arrive for the coming academic term, law school admissions officers continue to read files, convene their committees, and […]

With the holidays over, admissions officers are taking down their lights, packing away their ornaments, and turning towards the grim reality facing them—January represents the thick of “reading season.” There […]

As the days grow their darkest and coldest, a beacon of hope cuts through the gloom to harken the arrival of hope. Yea, warily, look to the Midwest—to your social […]

As the holiday shopping days dwindle, law school admissions officers continue to be deep in their figurative coal mines—reading applications, coordinating review committees, and trying their best to get as […]

With temperatures falling and radio stations switching formats over to holiday music, law school admissions officers are continually reminded that they only have two and a half working weeks remaining […]

With Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror and snow descending on a solid part of the country, law school admissions officers are back to file reading and are pushing full speed […]