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Quick Tip: Understand previews and cancellations Students frequently ask me what it means to purchase Score Preview, or to cancel a score. This is understandable; it’s complicated and it feels […]

Quick Tip: Practice with an Experimental Section! One of the most influential factors on our test day performance is our use of practice tests. Taking a practice test once per […]

Quick Tip: Eliminate before Moving On! If you are spending a lot of time on one question, it’s a good idea to move on so that you don’t waste valuable […]

Quick Tip: Keep a Wrong Answer Journal! A Wrong Answer Journal is a compilation of questions and the reason why you missed them. Instead of focusing on why the answers […]

Quick Tip: Take proctored practice tests! While the online LSAT testing experience has undoubtedly gotten smoother, after each test administration, I nonetheless hear complaints from students. They are usually about […]

Quick Tip: Try your sections in opposite order. One way to alleviate the anxiety caused by the timer is to try your sections in opposite order. If you are like […]

Quick Tip: Give yourself enough time! No, I don’t mean on the individual questions or test sections—I mean for studying, period! Too many people think that the LSAT is like […]

Quick Tip: Give yourself study breaks when you need them! It’s great to have a schedule to stick to, either daily or hourly. But sometimes you can find yourself burning […]

Quick Tip: Create a Daily Habit! Many students have trouble determining what their study sessions should look like. A great method is to create a daily habit that attacks your […]

Quick Tip: Do the “if” questions first in Logic Games! The Logic Games section is a time squeeze. In a section where every moment counts, we can maximize our work […]