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Sabbath Observer February Test Thread

collecting all thoughts about the Monday February test


  • LionHawkLionHawk Member
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    I had 3 LR's. The first was easy, 2nd was a little hard and the last one was really hard. I think the games and reading weren't so bad.

  • BlueBellBlueBell Member
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    @LionHawk i had only 2 LRs, both were 25 questions so if you had a 26 questions one was prob experimental.
    do you remember any of games? had 2 LGs trying to find out which was real

  • edited February 2017 9 karma

    I can confirm the games for you. The games that counted had to do with long and short videos

    I'm hoping you can help me narrow down which logical reasoning was experimental for me as all three had 25 questions. Do you remember anything about your two sections of Lr? Happy to discuss the test if you'd like.

  • LionHawkLionHawk Member
    edited February 2017 5 karma

    As Funnylookinkiddd said, I remember the grouping game with matching pet and non pet owners with 3 apartment buildings and the fourth game, which was a short and long game.

    For LR, I know in my last LR section (my hardest) there was a question in the middle about dogs going outside when it was above freezing and the owner only let them out with a chaperone when it was hot or sunny or something like that.

    My 2nd LR had a principle question in the beginning about it being immoral to return something (like a camera) to a store after having used it for its purpose and there was also a paradox question about high demand and sales for new PCs but the profits weren't as high as other electronics. I think that section also had a question about blackholes and dark matter or something like that.

    BlueBell, (or anyone else) do you remember any of those LR questions?

  • inactiveinactive Alum Member
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    Please post everything about the Feb. LSAT (including sabbath takers) in the official LSAT thread:

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