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Official February 2018 LSAT Waiting Thread



  • mcglz_64mcglz_64 Alum Member
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    @mepstlsat said:
    Has anyone not gotten their score yet? I had a makeup and took the test a day late but someone on the phone from LSAC told me before I took it that there would be no difference in score release. Any input would be appreciated.

    Call then if you don’t have it by end of tonight

  • rebecciusrebeccius Alum Member
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    Received my Feb LSAT result, and am happy with a 7-point improvement over December, just 1 point below my PT average (and a roughly 20% rank improvement). I discovered 7Sage around Christmas time, and blew through the CC in January just in time for the Feb re-write. Sure wish I had started with this course when I began studying in September/October. Better late than never. Also received my first acceptance (based on the old score) the previous day, and am hopeful for more offers after schools receive the Feb score. Thanks 7Sage. I am officially done with the LSAT :smile:

  • LsatkayyLsatkayy Alum Member
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    Do schools let you know if you don’t get in

  • 1000001910000019 Alum Member
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    @Lsatkayy said:
    Do schools let you know if you don’t get in


  • LSATcantwinLSATcantwin Alum Member Sage
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    @Marshall said:

    @EvetteCee said:
    I saw the LSAC email and decided I'm not ready to check my score yet. All my applications are submitted, soooo the score doesn't really matter much at this point. Anyone else doing this LOL.

    I'm doing exactly the same thing!!

    Maybe at some point I'll get the courage to look. Either way, I just wanted to quickly say how impressed I am with 7sage and especially with all of you. The curriculum and videos were all fantastic and easy to understand, I loved it! This community is so supportive and always willing to help and I'm so grateful for that. I never posted on the discussion forums, but was constantly reading, so I appreciate all who did. Thank you to JY and all the Sages that are continually helping and inspiring.
    @LSATcantwin @"Leah M B" @"Seeking Perfection" and so many others I'm definitely forgetting, thank you!!
    @"sbc.mom_3x" Congratulations! You've been a huge contributor to the forums and even though I don't know you, I'm so happy for you!! You're an inspiration.

    Congratulations to everyone and hang in there to those who didn't get the score they wanted!!! Don't give up!

    You did the work! We just had your back! Congrats :D

  • Brian_LSATBrian_LSAT Yearly Member
    232 karma

    I feel like I’m just waking up from a fever dream (probably because I have a pretty bad fever right now). After scoring below my PT average in September and December and not feeling great coming out of the February exam, I actually scored 1 point above my PT average and reached the goal I set for myself when I signed up for 7sage one year ago: 175!

  • JPJ July2021JPJ July2021 Monthly Member
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    @Brian_LSAT Congratulations Brian! I'm sure you'll have your pick of schools. If you don't mind me asking, what was your diagnostic and what was your study schedule like?

  • Brian_LSATBrian_LSAT Yearly Member
    232 karma

    @Emily2122 Thank you! I gave up on my real diagnostic because I just couldn't do the games. After going through the core curriculum my first PT was a 163, then it took me 8 months of studying 20 hours per week and 28 more PTs to reach a 174 PT average.

  • Radhika.Radhika. Member
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    wow! very impressive score @Brian_LSAT ! Way to go :)

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