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Should I cancel my score?

Hope2018Hope2018 Yearly Member

Hi everyone,

I took my LSAT test today, and it was absolutely atrocious. To be more specific about my situation, I am currently a senior in college and would like to apply for law school not for this year but for the year after. This September test was like a practice for me as I studied 3 months over the semester.

However I took today's test trying to score maybe a 155 or so, but I feel and kind of know I BOMBED IT. I guessed on so many questions on the RC, and couldn't even finish two games on the LG section. Also, I wasn't even sure of 90 percent of the problems on the LR questions... I am wondering if I should cancel ? This never really happened to me on my LSAT Practice exams and I was SHOOK the whole test. And I am really scared to hurt my confidence. Also I heard that admission offices don't like if an applicant took the LSAT more than three times ? So would it be better to cancel this score?
Please tell me what I should do honestly. I don't know. I'm really scared to see and get a 140 or something because that was my diagnostic score. That would really mentally exhaust me. Also my final goal is a 165 (+). I would like to ask how I can possibly reboot myself to study for March or June/July exam for a 165 (+).

Thanks :(((


  • OhnoeshalpmeOhnoeshalpme Alum Member
    2531 karma

    If you're waiting for a 165 and you're applying next cycle then cancel. Only reason to keep a sub 150's score would be if you're wanting to apply with that score. If it falls below the range of schools you are willing to attend, cancelling is your best bet.

  • monaalsaidimonaalsaidi Member
    53 karma

    I would say cancel. If you aren't applying until next cycle, you have several more opportunities to take it. From my experience, my first time taking it (I've taken it twice) was really challenging largely because I had a difficult time with the testing nerves. The second time around (today) was a lot easier because I knew exactly what to expect. Even if you don't keep the score, this experience is invaluable since it allows you to get over the first time testing jitters.

  • _oshun1__oshun1_ Alum Member
    3652 karma

    Why would you take the test trying to score a 155 if your goal is a 165? Cancel

  • Hope2018Hope2018 Yearly Member
    76 karma

    Oh okay. Thanks for the input everyone. I actually thought I would be able to do better than a 155 when I started studying. But because I kept plateauing around the same score recently, I decided not to cancel this test to see where my real weaknesses were. Really had trouble with timing even though I practiced. I guess I have to keep on practicing.

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