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Sunday Online Group Study Session

Michael.CincoMichael.Cinco Member Sage
edited February 2019 in Study Groups 2111 karma

Hi Folks:

There's a good group of us 7 SAGERS who joined a whatsapp group chat. We're trying to organize a study group session for this Sunday, February 17th (5PM EST) on Skype.

The Idea behind the session will be a post Blind Review of PT 76 where we come together as a group to discuss questions we are having trouble with even after completing a blind review on our own.

I will also be hosting a bit of a review on the Strengthening/Justify the conclusion/Sufficient Assumption, Necessary Assumption Question types that appear on the LR as well there will be time set aside afterwards to discuss general issues/concerns we may be facing about the LSAT and the Law School application process.

I have posted the skype link below if you wish to join.

The Group Chat has been busy and I find it's a good way to stay motivated, share tips and just keep sane. Preparing for this test can be difficult so why not share the pain :P

Skype Meeting Link:
Skype Web App:

(If you are joining via tablet or phone I suggest you download the Skype 4 Business APP, it will launch automatically if you click on the first link and it's free if you join as a guest)

What's App Group Chat Link:

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