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Acceptable watch(es) for test day?

alumivacuialumivacui Alum Member
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Unfortunately, I had been using the Mastermind watch for my studies (started last year) and took a break during the school year to focus on those studies. I am now currently studying for the September LSAT and have come to see that the MM watch is no-longer allowed. I am a fan of the style of watch. . . does anyone know whether there are any watches that roughly share the same design that are still permitted? I was looking @ the Perfect score watches, but also see that there are multiple versions of the watch, so I am unsure whether some are allowed while others are not?

Anyhow, any and all responses are appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


  • fycw2068fycw2068 Alum Member
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    From my exp at testing centers, they've become super strict and if it's not a basic analog watch (literally measuring hour, minute, seconds, and potentially date) they say no; I've even seen someone get dismissed after they sat in their seat but before the test started because it's an unauthorized item. It can't have any timer/stopwatch like dedicated functions in the watch's mechanism.

    With that said, I'm not sure when you're taking the LSAT but starting in July half of the tests will be in the tablet/digital format with a built in timer (counts down from 35 mins) and after the July test all tests will have this so a need for a watch becomes somewhat obsolete.

    If you're taking June or just preparing for a potential pencil/paper July, you can set your watch to 12 at the start of each section so that the minute hand is ticking toward 7 i.e. 35 mins.

  • alumivacuialumivacui Alum Member
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    Oh no, you're saying that it will only be available in digital format and not paper?? I score exponentially lower on online multiple choice exams.

    The goal is Sept. I suppose it's time I do some in-depth research regarding this digital format.

    P.s thanks for your reply, it is much appreciated :)

  • jasmine.lsatterjasmine.lsatter Alum Member
    edited May 2019 72 karma

    Yeah, the September LSAT will be digital. June will still be paper-based and July will be a mix of paper and tablet. I've taken a few practice tests in the 7Sage beta version (check it out) and I was apprehensive about it since I'm used to paper, but the built in timer has been a huge help for me - timing is an issue I struggle with. I also LOVE the fact that you only see one question at a time. Helps me not get overwhelmed with looking at all the questions at once. I'm taking the July test because of the option to see your score and cancel, but honestly I'm thinking about the September administration now because I'm digging the digital version. 7Sage has a beta version where you can practice the electronic test - sorry to repeat but you should check it out. LSAC has a practice test you can take too. I think you will still be able to use paper for the logic games but don't quote me on that.

    I bought a super basic easy reader Timex at Target that I've used for the test. I actually had to look through quite a few to get the most pared down watch. I chose one with no date on it but has the minutes notched in and I reset to 12 at the beginning of each section like @yafrcho. Just make sure you can actually pull out the notch - some of them have a low profile. Because I err on the side of caution, I've asked the head proctor each time if it's okay to reset my watch at the beginning of each section. Good luck! :smiley:

    This is the one I got so you have an idea (its for function not fashion :wink: ):

    LSAC Info on the digital test:

  • Seeking PerfectionSeeking Perfection Alum Member
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    If you are buying a watch for the LSAT, you want something like this. Mine has a black background and that works fine too.

    The point is that you want one with a bezel around the outside. You turn the bezel and line up the arrow with the minute hand at the start of each section. Then you have till the minute hand gets to the 35 on the bezel. This is a little easier and less stressful than resetting a watch to 12:00. Ideally, the watch should have roman numerals or dots rather than distracting numbers in the center.

    Further, most of the cheap watches that have this bezel feature are dive watches. People count on them to keep track of their oxygen supply. So they are both consistent and as a bonus waterproof.

    If you already had a usable watch I'd probably go with it. But if you want the absolute best watch for the LSAT, a cheap dive watch will do it.

    And when you are done, you'll have a cheap watch you can use to both keep track of the time and time yourself without math when you go to a beach, a pool, or on a run.

    Of course, the digital LSAT may render any of those adantages moot if timing is as easy as @yafrcho says.

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