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Reusing Essays From Previous Cycle

Hi All,

To quickly summarize:

I applied to law schools last year with a162 LSAT score, and a strong resume of federal government and political work. I got into most schools I applied to, receiving 50% - 70% scholarships from every school I got into.

I decided to decline all of my acceptances. I work as a political consultant for progressive candidates and campaigns around the country, and I felt that I needed to stay working in the campaign world for one more year. When I told my company I was leaving for law school, they gave me a huge promotion, which included allowing me to oversee all of the national political projects and campaigns that our company was working on. I was/am in a unique position to help candidates I support get elected, and causes I care about get brought to the national conversation. I'm glad I stayed. It's been the right decision.

That being said, I am reapplying because I want to keep my options open, and my doors open, just in case.

Clearly I feel that my applications and essays were very strong, as they resulted in me getting solid scholarships to the schools I wanted to go to.

My question is this: do you guys think I can re-use my personal statement and/or optional essays? How much do you I need to change? They personal statement was very strong and it worked out for me very well. I'd prefer not to have to change it, but I could see why that may look bad to an admissions committee.

Would REALLY value your thoughts here!


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