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Should I cancel my score

mlhauckmlhauck Alum Member
edited July 2020 in July 2020 LSAT 21 karma

Hi guys:
I just took the July LSAT-Flex, and am concerned I didn't do very well. I know that sometimes you think you did badly, and you end up doing well so I am deciding whether or not it is worth it to cancel. I don't necessarily feel like I bombed it, but I feel very uneasy and not great about it. It could be because its my first time taking it. I also took the test with COVID and am wondering if law schools would consider this. I am also registered for August (October if necessary). Do you think I should cancel, or just see what score I get? I am very confident I will do better on my next test. Just wondering what the best option is at this point. Is it better to get a low score potentially and have law schools see you improve, or just cancel the score right away?


  • lexxx745lexxx745 Yearly Member Sage Tutor
    3189 karma

    idk generally it seems like you dont wanna cancel unless you are absolutely sure you bombed it. And i would hesitate to cancel since it was your first take

  • sckellysckelly Alum Member
    9 karma

    I know the August exam has a score preview feature, but I'm not sure if that feature is also available for the July sitting. I would look into that first.

  • Heinz DoofenshmirtzHeinz Doofenshmirtz Alum Member
    481 karma

    just dropping a comment to say I'm sorry about the COVID and hope you recover soon :smile:

  • etroise201etroise201 Monthly Member
    4 karma

    I was scheduled for the July LSAT, but they let me switch to August for free to take advantage of score preview. If you are concerned that much, I would cancel and sign up for August.

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