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Test Day Questions

HLoom1222HLoom1222 Alum Member
in General 97 karma

I've been so focused on prepping that I've neglected checking whether things I've gotten used to during PT's are allowed during the digital, remote Flex test. Does anyone know the answers to the following?:

Are we allowed to have more than 1 drink on our work surface? (I usually drink both coffee and water)

Are we allowed to drink from that 1 (or more) drink(s) DURING the test? Or only on the 1 minute switching break between sections and the 10-minute break?

If we have to go to the bathroom during a section and simply can't hold it, are we allowed to (obviously taking away precious time from the test) or is it strictly prohibited, resulting in a cancelled test? (I'm contemplating taking urine and bowel suppressants to try to prevent this emergency...)

If we plan to be away from our computers for much of the 10-minute break, how can we keep track of the time elapsed? Is there an audio alarm for the break? I'm guessing if we're not allowed to use our phones or our laptops for any other purpose than taking the test, we're not allowed to set a timer on our phone clocks or on our browsers to keep tabs on break timing.

I know we can't use noise-cancelling headphones to deal with possible environmental noise distractions, but, instead, can we run a white noise machine in the same room in which we're taking the test?

During the test, are we allowed to touch the screen with our fingers while working? (I've gotten used to doing this with games.)

And, lastly, are we allowed to mutter under our breath while working on the test? I know we wouldn't be able to do that in an in-person test because it would be distracting to other test-takers, but in the remote format is it prohibited?


  • FloridaManFloridaMan Monthly Member
    139 karma

    I am also curious about the answers to these questions.

  • camicam12camicam12 Monthly Member
    17 karma

    I can only answer for a couple, but you can't go to the bathroom during a section at all, only during the breaks. I'm pretty sure you can't play any noise, you can wear generic ear plugs that are just like idk soft and can go in your ear. I'm pretty sure they don't want drinks on the desk. There is a timer on the screen for while you are on the 10-minute break and I think that's all you get and I'm pretty sure you can't talk or mumble.

  • csharm002csharm002 Alum Member
    edited August 2021 352 karma

    These are all really great questions! If you go on the LSAC website, a lot of them are actually addressed in the Candidate Agreement. Here's the link:

    I actually just read this yesterday, so I'll summarize to my knowledge.

    1. You're allowed to have a beverage in a plastic container or juice box with a max of 20 ounces. Aluminum cans are excluded, so I'd assume this also excludes coffee/travel mugs.

    2. You can have the drink with you in your testing space, which means you can use it at any time just like anything else in your testing space.

    3. This bathroom break would be called an unauthorized break if it's during the test. You're allowed to do it, but the clock keeps running. Your test will be flagged for the incident and be held under further review. Also, you can't start again until the proctor allows you to do so.

    4. It probably counts down on your screen or ProctorU, but just to be safe I'd leave if only absolutely necessary and if you do have to leave, be extremely quick. If you do leave you have to check in with your ID and scan the room again. You have to be back before the 10 minutes are up or your test will be cancelled.

    5. Here's what the LSAC prohibits from the room. If I had to guess, a white noise machine would be a form of electronic noise cancellation, but LSAC is very helpful if you email them! "You are prohibited from possessing (or otherwise using) any of the following electronic devices during the Test: timers of any kind, electronic cigarettes, fitness-tracking devices, digital watches, calculator watches, chronograph watches (digital or nondigital), calculators, cameras, recording devices, listening devices (including, but not limited to, headphones, ear buds, air pods and other electronic listening devices and/or noise-canceling devices other than generic foam ear plugs), headsets, iPods, and other media players."

    6. I'd email LSAC on that one.

    7. From what I've heard from a lot of people's encounters is that it depends on your proctor. Obviously, you're not allowed to talk, but if they can't hear you mutter...who knows. I know of people who have gotten yelled at for mouthing words and people who have been able to put their hand over their mouth to somewhat mutter words.

    Hope this helps!

  • elizabethh777elizabethh777 Alum Member
    48 karma

    I can answer a couple of these things. For the drinks you're only allowed one drink and it can be in a plastic container or a juice box with a max size of 20 oz.

    You aren't allowed to leave view of the camera during the sections whatsoever. You can however go to the bathroom during the 10 minute break but when you come back I believe you have to show them your ID once again.

    For keeping track of time during the ten minute break I suggest you wear an analog watch as they are permitted to be worn during the actual test.

    I don't think you're allowed white noise because the LSAC requires complete silence during the test.

    I would ask your proctor about touching the screen. I know you have to show them your screen using a mirror beforehand so I don't think it'll be an issue. Then again it's always safe to ask and double check.

    Finally I would suggest keeping the talking very very low and to a minimum. They could always think you're talking to someone else or something- they get very paranoid about noise. I believe if there is too much noise during the test it will be flagged for review.

    Hope this helps!

  • wolfpack714wolfpack714 Alum Member
    30 karma

    Will we know the order of all the sections once we start the test? Or is it like 7sage where we find out as we go?

  • elizabethh777elizabethh777 Alum Member
    48 karma

    @"jimins wife" said:
    Will we know the order of all the sections once we start the test? Or is it like 7sage where we find out as we go?

    You find out as you go!

  • gfiesta28gfiesta28 Monthly Member
    47 karma

    During the test, are we allowed to touch the screen with our fingers while working? (I've gotten used to doing this with games.)

    -> You can definitely touch the screen during the exam. The laptop provided for LSAC loaner is touchscreen and I touched my screen during the June LSAT.

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